Friday, April 2, 2010

Wonderful website for ladies

Baby GaGa has been a life-saver to me for about four years now. I joined shortly after my daughter was born and I frequent it almost daily.

The site offers forums for ladies who are TTC (trying to conceive), ladies who are pregnant, ladies who have had miscarriages, ladies who have kids at all ages. For every situation having to to with children, BGG has a forum for it.

My favorite was the Due Date Buddies group when I was pregnant with my son. There were about 15 of us all due within the same 2-weeks, and we shared what we were going through, asked questions, offered opinions,  but more importantly, we became great friends.I was thrilled to find someone to talk to that was going through the same thing as me, AT the same time.

The same goes for forums for parents. Parents of toddlers, parents of preemies, parents of preschoolers, parents of Middle Schoolers. You name it. On the off chance that you name it and they don't have it, you can start it.

They also have the weekly updates for those of us who are preggo, which is neat. They have tickers for your websites and a variety of other offers. I recommend this site for EVERYONE!!

Baby GaGa

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  1. You should try too! That was my favorite place to be :)