Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prayers of a 4-year-old

Right now Vin insists on praying before every meal, or even before he has something to drink (which is adorable). This morning I stopped to get the kids something to drink on the way to Wal Mart, and of course Vin wanted to pray before he started drinking. Theren is in charge of such things when I'm distracted, so she cleared her throat and started:

Dear Jesus, I love you much. Please help me not to eat too much so I can be healthy so I can turn to five and have long hair. And get a bicycle. Oh, and go to school every day like Kindergarten. Then maybe I can turn to seven. Amen.

Then Vin closes with his Amen and they drink in silence.

Seriously. People who get paid to write comedy couldn't come up with something better than that.


  1. It sounds just like her! I think you have more consecutive coherent thoughts than your four-year-old - give yourself some credit,girl. Theren's ramblings do lead to some some hilarious places, as we well know. If she's lucky, she'll get to seven :)

  2. So cute... perhaps we all should take a lesson in simplifying our own prayers :)