Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Night Dilemma

Why is it that all of my favorite T.V. shows air on the same night, in the same 2-hour block??

Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway

Bones always carries priority, so we watch that no matter what, but then Fringe and Grey's are at the same time. I tend to favor Grey's, and then Hulu Fringe the next day. Project Runway, I must admit, has been becoming less and less of an option. I am too tired to watch it that night, and I simply don't have the liberty to sit on my computer all day watching T.V. shows. (pity, I know)

It may seem petty but I'm telling you, every Thursday there is a sense of uncertainty about what to watch and when.

These networks need to rearrange the schedules so that I can watch the Telly with a little less stress.

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