Tuesday, April 20, 2010

33 Week Update

-How far along?
33 weeks

-How big is baby?
around 4 pounds or so

-Weight gain/loss?
starting to gain more each week, but I'm supposed to do that. I'm still well within the acceptable weight gain.

-Maternity clothes?
Even they are starting to not fit. The belly is just getting too big!!

All old ones from the first two, although they are starting to get darker...grrrrr

I seem to be doing okay in that department, although I'm getting more and more tired each day.

-Best moment this week?
Every moment is a good one

He's starting to slow down quite a bit because he's running out of room. Not as many harsh kicks any more, mainly just knees rolling around. He has discovered my hip bones, though. That tickles like mad!!

-Food cravings?
bread. All I want is bread.


-Labor signs?
Braxton Hicks are getting more frequent and more intense, but nothing to alarm us yet
-Belly button in or out?
Half and half. It never really pops all the way out.

-What I miss?
General mobility. Oh how we take for granted such things as being able to pick something up off the floor, or put on our own shoes.....Or walk without our 4-year-olds chanting "waddle waddle waddle!" behind us as we go....

-What I am looking forward to?
Getting all of his stuff set up and ready for him.

-Weekly wisdom?
Don't plan on an entire day of shopping and running around when you know that you can't be upright for more than 10 minutes before your butt and thighs go numb, and when you know that you start needing a nap an hour after you wake up in the morning...

None this week, really, next week will be the marker for not needing to MedEvac to Denver or Albuquerque if he is born....

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