Wednesday, April 28, 2010

34 Weeks

-How far along? 34 weeks.

-How big is baby? I'm guessing a but over 5 lbs at this point

-Weight gain/loss? blah

-Maternity clothes? Even those are starting to not fit. My belly peeks out from EVERYTHING!!

-Stretchies? Nothing new, thank goo'ness!! But I do have several PUPPPs

-Sleep? What's that??

-Best moment this week?Oz beating the snot out of Dom's hand while we were trying to go to sleep the other night

-Movement? oh boy, yes!!

-Food cravings? OREO Stix and JELL-O whipped

-Gender? BOY

-Labor signs? Yesterday was a bit nerve racking. I had four major contractions about 20 minutes apart in the morning, but I laid on my left side and guzzled a bunch of liquids, and they went back to normal BH.

-Belly button in or out? Out. My son is constantly trying to rub it.

-What I miss? As odd as this might sound, I miss being able to get on the floor to clean up messes from my kids. Right now I have to cry for my mom to come down and do it for me........

-What I am looking forward to? getting all of the rest of the things we need for him and setting up his bed this weekend!!

- Milestones? We are at 34 weeks, so officially we don't have to worry about going into labor, our local hospital can handle it from here. Any earlier and we would have been MedEvac'd to either Denver or Albuquerque.

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