Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring time in the Four Corners

For the last week or so we've been getting rain storms in the afternoons, accompanied by lightning and thunder which makes it all the more fun. When these cells hit us it remains around 54 degrees outside, so we like to keep the door open because I love the smell of rain.

Last night was no different. It rained a bit harder than usual, but still, the more rain the more green and we all love green. Anyways, I went to bed and snuggled in my bed letting the flashes of lightning and roll of thunder lull me to sleep. It was very nice. Much to my surprise, I woke up to snow!!

Of all things!! We've had weeks of 40, 50, even 60 degree weather, and then all of a sudden snow?? Seriously. I went from Southern California ( a place where seasons simply do not exist) to here, where season not only exist, they last forever and get confused as to when their time is up!!!

How ironic that this anomaly would happen on Earth Day. Way to go.

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  1. This is Spring in the Rockies! Always keeps us on our toes. It was beyond beautiful - that inch and a half flocking the trees and coating every branch of the still un-leafed scrub. And the best news! We don't have to lift a shovel, just enjoy. Dominick's missing it.