Thursday, April 8, 2010

Congratulations Brig Van Osten!!

I don't watch reality T.V., but when I heard that Brig was on Bravos Shear Genius, I had to check out the first couple of episodes. (This pertains to my previous post about supporting friends)

Brig owns P!ay Hair Lounge in my hometown, Simi Valley, California. Another friend of mine works for her as a stylist, and Dominick worked with her boyfriend for many years. She is a very spunky, outgoing, vivacious person, and we all love her. She isn't afraid to hold back her opinion, and she certainly won't sugar-coat things just to be polite. (my kind of gal).

Like I said I watched the first two episodes, but honestly I can't handle much more than that when it comes to reality television shows, so I had no idea how far Brig had made it in the show. This mornign I recieved the news that she WON!!

We are all so proud of her!!

If you are ever in Ventura or Los Angeles counties, be sure to check her out, she's amazing!!

P!ay Hair Lounge

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