Friday, April 9, 2010

Pregnancy vs. Illness

There really are so many wonderful things about pregnancy:
Thick, shiny hair
glowing skin
voluptuous tatas
long nails.

There are even more things about pregnancy that can really suck rocks, though:
morning sickness
back spasms
sciatic pain
skin splotches
stretch marks
swollen feet
swollen face
swollen hands
swollen SELF
"baby brain"
hot flashes
and my personal favorite- weakened immune system

At 32 weeks, a pregnant women's immune system focuses nearly 87% of itself on baby, leaving mom susceptible to every stinking thing. Flu, cold, sinus infection. You name it and mom will more than likely contract it, making the final 1 1/2 months of pregnancy just dandy.

I have experienced the downfall of such design for each of my pregnancies, so why should this be any different? Currently, a pleasant sinus infection is residing between my eyes, and is slowly trying to work its way down to my lungs.

Normally my family would say "here we go again, Rebecca is getting another lung infection." but because I'm pregnant, things are slightly more complicated.

With my son, I developed similar symptoms at 33 weeks, and by 35 weeks was immersed in full-blown pneumonia. I was on oxygen and antibiotics, and because I was unable to take the appropriate aggressive treatment due to my pregnancy, I was getting worse. We had to induce labor and little Vin was born 5 weeks prematurely. 

We desperately want to avoid a repeat of that history, if you get my drift. Not only are we earlier in this pregnancy, but we lucked out big time with Vin being a healthy as he was at such an early delivery age. Chances are things would not go as smoothly this time, and quite frankly, as much as I want to be done with this pregnancy, I'm not willing to take the chance under less-than-dire circumstances.

So I'll load up on what medications I can take, and do what ever it is that my body is telling me I need until either this nasty thing vacates, or it's safe for Oz to vacate.

Either way, I'm miserable. I know it will more than likely get worse before it gets better, but I must do what I must do. I just hope that at least there is some good T.V. on for the next couple of weeks, 'cuz I'mma be spending lots-o time on the couch.

For more information on Chronic Pneumonia, visit this link: Chronic Pneumonia


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  2. Hi! Following from UBP:-)

  3. Hope you get better soon! I am 29 weeks and I've caught every stomach bug and cold possible the past few months so I feel your pain.

  4. Oh man, sounds absolutely miserable! Misery mixed with the anxiety of keeping that little baby inside as long as possible must be enough to keep your mind racing. Think I'll be adding you not only to my Google Reader, but also my prayer list :) Hang in there!