Monday, April 5, 2010

Tay-Tay, Vin & Mi-Mi

I have mentioned before that my son refuses to speak English. He has had the select few words that he will say, but if we tried to get him to say anything else, he would either say NO or say his own version of the word.

Well, for the last week or so he has been copying more and more words, but no matter what, he still refused to say Tay-Tay (he calls her GAGA), Vin (he calls himself ME), or Mia (he calls my mom either MUM or LALA MAMA). Today I was going over the names of his facial features, and I thought I'd try again.

H E    S A I D    T A Y - T A Y    A ND   V I N !  !  !  !

He still won't say Mia, but he will say MI-MI, which is a step closer in the right direction.

The other super-cute thing is that if you ask him either how he is doing, or what his name is, he just looks at you and holds up two fingers. hahaha!!

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  1. He had fun this morning practicing his new name for me. While playing next to me at the counter, he'd say, "mum!" then, when I didn't reply (because I was concentrating) he exchanged that for "mi-mi" in his sweet voice. This drew my attention from the "very important task" and he noticed. After that, he found reasons to say the new name, and grinned ear to ear when I responded.