Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Panic Ensues

I have at most 5 weeks until Oz makes his debut, but in reality it could be any time, especially since my uterine irritation seems to be increasing every day. I'm so excited and anxious that I can't even put it into words! One thing that is seriously driving me crazy though: We have almost none of the essentials.

We have the crib (but it's not put together
We have crib bedding
We have diapers and wipes
We have some clothes
We have blankets

That's all we have.

No car seat.
No bath tub
No breast pump
No stroller
No burp rags
No pacifiers
No gas drops
No swing
No bouncer


For our previous two kids nearly all of these things were given to us by my sister-in-law or other friends, and of course this baby wasn't planned so we got rid of EVERYTHING when we moved from California. I can handle not having the bath tub, stroller, swing or bouncer yet, I can work without them for a little while, but the car seat, burp rags, breast pump, and especially the CAR SEAT (slightly important) and GAS DROPS (death will occur without them) are the things that are seriously making me want to pull my hair out.

With my oldest I had the entire nursery and every thing we needed set up and ready to go by the time I was 7 months pregnant. With my second we didn't have anything set up (He was 5 weeks early and we needed what would be his nursery for my sister to sleep in while she stayed with us for a little while) but we HAD everything. It was all in bags just sitting in the corner of his room and in his crib. (He slept in the bouncer or the bassinet for the first three weeks of life because he was so sick)

I have this fear that we won't have what we need by the time Oz is born, and my hormonal baby-brain won't let it go. I go online nearly every day and look at prices for all the things we need and panic pours over me in waves. I should probably avoid this by NOT looking anymore, but I can't help it.

Are we seriously going to be ready for this baby?? How are we going to afford all this crap?? Why the dickens does this crap cost so much when it gets used for a max of 10-12 months before you have to get the next grade up??

Does a car seat really need to cost 150 bucks?? And how does a Universal Stroller (the ones that are just frames, and any car seat can click into it) come out to 60 bucks?? Why are babies so stinking expensive?? How is it that the cheapest thing we need is a breast pump??

Even now as I am writing this post I can feel my body tense up and my mind is starting to go in circles. This is going to drive me mad.

As if my lack of sleep and hormones aren't making me senile enough.

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  1. The clothes are on the way, I included some new pacifiers too. For everything else, try craigslist. It may not be new, but it'll be cheaper. And as long as the carseat hasn't been in an accident it's perfectly safe to use a gently used one!!