Monday, April 5, 2010

Why must they never call when they say they will??

Right now we are waiting for a very important phone call from our doctor. At my appointment today there was a little bit of chaos due to the fact that (WARNING: the following may be TMI for some) I lost my mucous plug this morning.

This happened with both Tay and Vin, but this is a new doctor, and she wanted to make sure that everything was ok. So I had a plethora of swabs taken (ouch) and had to be on a monitor for about half an hour.

One of those swabs was for a test that will tell us the likelihood of me going into labor in the next two weeks. This test is supposed to be back tonight. If it comes back with high numbers, I have to go onto strict bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy. Not fun. It's sort of an important thing to know, and here it is 7:30 om and still no call. So we're playing it safe and I'm just not moving until we hear....except to relieve my bladder.....and eat.

The monitors showed that Oz has a very "spunky" heartbeat, which is good, but also that I have an irritated uterus. I'm not having regular contractions, or any labor patterns, but my uterus is having almost constant activity, which is not normal, nor is it preferred.

At this point I am starting an antibiotic for a possible UTI and directed to rest even more than usual. No more lugging laundry up and down the stairs (you can't tell, but I'm squealing for joy on this one), no more lifting and carrying Vin around, and generally nothing that can cause any stress on my body that can further irritate my uterus.

Also, I am having an issue with staying properly hydrated AGAIN, so tomorrow I have to pick up a bunch of Gatorade. I have to get to the point where I'm peeing every ten to fifteen minutes.....fuuuuuuun.

Tonight I'm just going to concentrate on keeping my legs crossed and baking this little man for a while longer. My doctor said she's not confident that I'll make it to 35 weeks, but we have to make it at least that long!!!

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  1. Yikes. Five more weeks. You don't look like you can make it, but if you don't, we'll all be sorry :) Hang in there, both of you!