Wednesday, March 31, 2010

unborn baby hiccups

Have you ever gotten that annoying twitch directly under your eye, or in the corner of your upper lip?? Imagine your whole belly doing that. That's what it feels like when baby has the hiccups. Rhythmic, constant, soothing at times, bothersome at others. I can see the subtle jerks in my belly if he's laying with his back up, and I can usually feel them with my hands, but I can ALWAYS feel them inside. Right now I can feel them on my back and in my pelvis. It's one of the weirdest sensations ever.

I love when he gets them because they are a sign that his lungs are maturing, but just as that twitch in my eye can be annoying, after a few minutes I wish he could hold his breath to get rid of them!! Of course, I don't think taking in a big breath of amniotic fluid would do the trick quite as well....

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