Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gettin' Smarter, yo.

I am always bothered by the fact that I rarely have the time to exercise my brain these days. Being a SAHM means that my time is spent cleaning up messes, mediating arguments, cooking, playing, cleaning again, yelling for rooms to be picked up or books to be put back on the shelves, disciplining, cleaning, stopping another fight, cooking, cleaning and bathing. Not a whole lot of time to sit down and read a novel or put a puzzle together.

I had a decent I.Q. as a teen, 142, but since having my kids, I feel like my brain is slowly turning into pond scum. When I was doing school for getting my degree in Medical Transcription I felt great. I was engaging my brain in everything from math to reading to memorization. I began to feel like a normal human once again. Unfortunately since graduating I haven't been able to find any work (small town, one hospital) and I feel the brain cell dying each day.

So i downloaded this game on my phone, More Brain Exercise by Namco. It has daily exercises for different parts of your brain using a variety of games, and it tracks your progress and tells you what areas you need to work on the most. It also has daily "brain age" assessment. Yesterday was my first day and the brain age assessment tool was all cryptonite. It said my brain age was 68......I don't care how you look at it, that's just down right depressing. So first thing this morning I got out my phone and took the assessment again. This time it was an exercise for the parietal lobe. My brain age this morning : 20.

That's right. A whole 5 years younger than my actual age. Who knows how accurate this thing is, but honestly, with numbers like that, who cares?? It makes me feel better about my noggin, and the more I do the exercises, the more comfortable i will become with math again. (You don't understand how much I loath arithmetic)

So now me and my 20-year-old brain are going to go clean something....'cuz that's how I roll....

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