Thursday, April 22, 2010

Has anyone Seen...

My ankles?? Seriously, if you have, then point me in their direction because I would really like them back!!

I've managed to go until now without any swelling or edema in my hands and feet, then yesterday I decided that the inside of my car was just too gross to continue (nesting?) and I cleaned my whole car. Inside and out. Perfectly. I mean I even got down to the door frames, people. I scoured and scrubbed that thing until it shone. It rained after wards, but that's another post for another time.

I was so proud of myself. Doing that kind of work while 8 months pregnant!! And I didn't die!! (I almost killed my son for taking a rock to the drivers door and the passenger side back door, but luckily my dad came to his {and mine} rescue)

I went about the rest of my day feeling pumped and full of energy. Then last night while I was sitting and flipping back and forth between American Idol and Message in a Bottle, I looked down and realized that my right ankle was literally gone. No bone was identifiable. I hoped that going to bed and sleeping would make it all better, but this morning when I arose it was just as bad, and the left seems to be following suit.

I know it's natural, especially this far along, but c'mon!! I've done so well with drinking lots of water and not spending too much time on my feet at once, couldn't nature excuse this one little detail of pregnancy for me...just this once???

I'm trying to spend the day with my feet elevated and drinking even more water (if that's even humanly possible), but if anyone knows of any other tricks that might help me out, please disclose them!! I feel like I'm being over-taken by cankles!!!!

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