Friday, April 2, 2010

Why is Laundry so Evil?

Every since I was a teenager (I know, soooo long ago) I have hated doing laundry. I genuinely have no idea why. It was so bad when we were living in our dinky apartment because the washer and dryer were in our hallway, so I didn't have to go far and I could hear when it was finished. Then we moved into the house and the washer and dryer were in the garage. Again, not so far to go, but I couldn't hear it, so I'd always forget that it was out there and it would take days just to finish three loads. After the house came the townhouse. No washer and dryer. Laundry rooms. Down stairs, and across the courtyards. Bleh. Double whammy. Now, the washer and dryer are upstairs, in the mud room. My mom does a great job letting me know when the cycles are done, but I have to lug everything up and down the stairs. (are you getting the impression that I am at my laziest when it comes to this particular chore??) Of course the actual washing and drying is NOTHING compared to folding and hanging and putting away....and on top of THAT we have the ever-dreaded children's clothes. I despise folding little clothes. They are so small that they don't lay right, and socks are constantly mis-matched.

I don't know why laundry is so difficult for me. I don't understand why I have such a grudge towards it. I just do.

At least now Tay is getting to an age where she at least puts her own clothes away...

Perhaps I should mention that all of this complaining is being done even after my husband does 80% of the laundry....I just hate it that much.


  1. First of all, I think you mean that it WASNT so hard in the first apartment.

    Secondly, I don't blame you for not liking the up and down lugging, though you'd have that in any two story house.

    But here's what you don't remember. When you were about seven, you were BEGGING me to let you do your own laundry. Elizabeth had just been given the job of doing her own, but I wasn't intending laying that on you for another three years. You pleaded and argued, and so...... you got to do it.

    Go back, young girl, go back. There's the hunger for laundry in you, somewhere :)

  2. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll have to try that Palmer's stuff soon!

    I feel your pain w/ the whole laundry thing. I HATE laundry. I usually end up washing loads twice because I end up forgetting about them and letting them sit too long. Darn laundry.

  3. The socks thing drives me crazy, too. I have decided to only buy one kind of socks for each kid - then, there's no trouble matching - they all match! (It's only worked a little - we still have a one-sock place in the drawer where all the one-socks go. Ellie likes her colored socks so she can match.)

  4. It's not so much the actual washing, as hanging the bloody things out on the line, hauling them off again (if I remember in the same day it's a miracle, and if not, back in the wash they go to clear out any spiders etc) and then, worst of the worst...

    Putting them away. Errrgh. I'm fairly sure you can hire people to do this for you... now why don't I?!