Friday, May 7, 2010

Why must this take so long?!

Am I the only person who gets crazy-impatient at the end of pregnancy? In all seriousness, I am nearly at the verge of tears for wanting this pregnancy to be done. I've been anxious the whole time, don't get me wrong, but now that we are only four weeks away from being induced, the thought of waiting that long is downright upsetting for me. I know he needs to bake for as long as possible, I understand that, but why does human gestation have to take so stinking long??

I've done a little internet research, and found the different gestation times for different animals.
Reading some made me thankful for being a human, and others made me yearn to be a cat...

I thought I'd share some with you.

Human- 303 days - 9.9 months
Donkey - 365 days - 1 year
Cow - 280 days - 9.2 months
Elephant - 624 days - 1 year 6 months
Groundhog - 32 days
Cat - 63 days - 2 months
Sheep - 151 days - 4 months

All in all I'd prefer to have the gestational commitment of a groundhog, what about you?

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  1. Too bad you're not a groundhog :) Take it easy girl. One day at a time and it'll pass quickly enough.

  2. Some women tell me they LOVED being pregnant. Well I'm afraid I'm not one of those women :-) I love the fact that I'm growing another person, another life, but I DO NOT love the fact that I can't sleep, my skin is breaking out and stretching, I get heartburn, swollen feet, nausea, (and the list goes on). Who loves that? I wouldn't mind being a groundhog at all!