Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pregnancy vs. traffic ticket

Yesterday I was having contractions every twenty minutes. I was trying very hard not to get excited. By the time we were ready to leave for our weekly appointment, they were every ten minutes. We got in the car and headed out. (of course we had to stop for a bottle of water and a snack first, it's our routine). After the stop we were driving along, peaceful and happy, and Dom makes a comment about the cop behind us putting on his blinker for a lane split.....we were laughing at him because we thought it would be a strange thing to do. If you are in the primary lane, and it splits into two lanes, you don't have to use your blinker if you are staying in the primary lane!!!

Apparently we were wrong, because the cop turned his lights on and pulled us over. Oops.

The guy walked up to the window, told us that we have to use our turn signal for blah blah blah, then asked where we were headed.

"The hospital". Dom gestured to my ginormous belly. That poor cop looked terrified. He asked if I was in labor and we explained about the contractions. He grabbed his stuff, walked to his car, and returned in a matter of moments with a written warning. He wished us luck and let us go!!!

I think he was more afraid of the thought of having to deliver a baby on the side of the road than being reprimanded for not writing out a ticket, which is 100% AOK with me!!

So if you live in Colorado, and ever wonder what the signaling laws are for passing lanes, use your blinker. Unless you're oober preggo and can get out of a ticket, you're gonna end up getting a ticket.

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  1. Love your blog.. Good luck with the 'to-be new member of the family'

  2. NICE!!! I MUST use this one at some point.