Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday we had our doctor's appointment. It was fairly uneventful.  Owen is now measuring about 2 weeks ahead, his heartbeat is strong and consistent (Dom got a recording of it) and he is still head down. Now. I like this doctor, really. She's nice, she listens to our needs and concerns for the most part, but I was truly spoiled rotten in California. You see in Cali, my doctor was and OB/GYN. That's all he did. Day in and day out, he saw only preggo ladies. He's a pro. He's amazing. He systematical and educated and so comfortable with it all that he probably doesn't even have to think about it any more.  My doctor here is a family Practitioner. She probably only has one or two patients that are pregnant, a year. So she seems to not really believe us when we say "there has only been one boy in our family that was born UNDER 9 pounds, and that was Vin. He was 5 weeks premature and he still weighed nearly 6 and 1/2 pounds". She just kind of nods it off.

No seriously, Dr. Dany,  I'm huge now, look at me. The lady in the waiting room was a month ahead of my and I'm bigger than her. This baby is at least 6 pounds right now, and he's not gonna just stop growing to spare my va-jay-jay.

Even still, she said to us yesterday that we have to wait at LEAST 10 days to go into labor, other wise she'll stop the labor. WHY?! Tomorrow marks the point when Vin was born and he didn't have ANY problems with his breathing!!! I'm miserable! I don't sleep, my back and my uterus are beaten and sore from all the false labor, I'm turning into a water balloon, my skin has stretched as far as it can and now is under so much pressure from Oz moving around the the blood vessels in the layers of dermis are actually bursting, I can't stand for more than 3 minutes before I either have a contraction or my legs go numb.     Save me.   Please......

So this is our plan. If I go into labor earlier than 10days from now, we'll drive into town and just hang out close to the hospital until my water breaks, then they won't be able to stop it!!! BWAA HAA HAA HAA.

Ok, so we're going to do out best NOT to go into labor sooner, but if it happens, I believe it will be because my body simply is ready to not be pregnant any more, and that Oz will be ready too.

Until then I have no choice but to be miserable, tired, uncomfortable and cranky.

Thankfully my husband supports me in all of this and is understanding and sympathetic to my pains.

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