Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Swear I'm Not Crazy

Last night we made a trip to Labor and Delivery. I started leaking clear fluid yesterday afternoon, and at 8:30 om I tested the pH levels of it. The paper turned blue, so I called the doctor's office and they had me go to the hospital. Naturally once we were there, the nurses couldn't get a positive test, so there I was, feeling stupid, thinking to my self, "I'm not crazy, that paper was blue...."

Luckily they took my word for it, they think that I probably am leaking amniotic fluid, but since our sweet boy is so dang far down into my pelvis, that his head is plugging up the rupture. I am grateful that the nurses and the on-call doctor believe me, but this poses a problem:

In order to get another positive strip test, Oz would have to move up out of my pelvis and move his head just right to open that whole again.....the chances of that happening while my doctor (who seems skeptical of my confidence in knowing my own body to begin with) is around to test are slim to none.

None the less, I'll go in today at 4 and lay on the table for about 20 minutes, then she'll take a gander to see what she can see. The problem I have is this: I feel uncomfortable when someone doesn't believe me, even though I know I'm right. I've had two kids, I know what amniotic fluid is, and I know how to identify it. I'm not crazy. I swear that paper was blue, and I swear I have been leaking.....this is not just me playing games trying to convince the doctors that we should induce labor NOW because I'm miserable, or a first-time mom who's panicking for no reason because of some incontinence.

I hope she doesn't say "I'm sure it's nothing. We'll see you next week for our regular appointment."  The thing that made me the most nervous is a friend of mine went through this very thing. She was leaking, they said the same thing to her too, "go home, you're fine, we can't get a positive strip test." Well, three days later she went into labor and by  that time she and her baby had an infection. Tragically, her little boy passed away from the infection shortly after birth.

I don't want to take any risks.

Anyways, what they determined last night at the hospital is that I probably am leaking amniotic fluid, as I mentioned before, and that I have a 50% chance of going into labor now, but that there was nothing they could do for me, really, so that's why they sent me home. We'll see what my doctor says about it all this afternoon.

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on the progression of events.

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