Monday, May 3, 2010

Placenta-Brain Strikes Again!

Well, we all know one of the upside-down perks of pregnancy is a certain thing we affectionately call "Placenta-Brain".
When one is pregnant, one's blood supply focuses primarily on the placenta and growing baby, rather than one's brain, thus resulting in the brain not functioning at a normal performance level. (So the theory goes)

Well, today my PB hit me once again. I was entrusted with a check yesterday for this month's Angel Food order. I placed it in the back pocket of my jeans, silently begging my brain to remember that it was there. (hah!) I would have put it in my wallet or purse, but neither were with me at the time, so my pocket seemed like the next best option. Of course I never thought of the check again until this morning......after I had washed all of the jeans.

Dominick called to let me know that we had another food order, and as soon as the words "ANGEL FOOD" left his mouth I was struck with panic.

Crap nuggets.

I ran upstairs, opened the washer (which had already finished it's cycle and was patiently waiting for me to switch the damp clothes to the dryer), I sifted through the jeans which all looked the same because they were all wet, and I located the pair i wore yesterday. I quietly prayed that the check had miraculously survived the washing and was simply damp, but still valid, in the back pocket, but no. As I opened the pocket I was faced with a wad of pulverized paper and ink that was the check.

Crap nuggets!!

I had to call the friend that gave me the check and explain to her answering machine why she needed to bring another check next Sunday, and apologize for my lack of attention. Embarrassing. Frustrating.

Now I'm afraid I'll end up washing (or destroying by some other means) my daughters birth certificate or record of immunizations that I desperately need for her Kindergarten registration next week......

Maybe I'll let Dominick be in charge of any important documents from here on out.

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  1. So, the question is: What excuse will you have when there's no placenta to blame???