Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I Wished for This Mother's Day

If you know me at all, you know that I despise commercialized Holidays. Mother's Day included, but I always am sure to do something for my mommy. This year we bought her yellow roses, her favorite.

Anyways, I always feel uncomfortable when people wish me a happy Mother's Day, both because I hate the Holiday, and because I don't feel like someone should be rewarding me for simply doing my job. I love being a mom, and I don't understand why I would need or want to have a special day of recognition for that, every day is Mother's Day as long as my kids give me kisses and hugs.

I also don't ever expect (or want) any gifts for this holiday. I don't turn anything down, naturally, but I never ask or desire a gift, if you get my meaning.

Except for this year. This year, I wanted one thing, and one thing only: Owen. I told him this morning, Oz, you know there is one present you could give me for Mother's Day....COME OUT!!!

He didn't listen.

Rebelling against me even from the womb. Little buggar.

I was, however, extremely grateful for the nap that I got this afternoon. It doesn't quite equal out to a baby, but it was certainly good enough for me.

Maybe for Memorial Day this little boy will come's wishing.

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