Monday, August 16, 2010

A very full weekend!

This weekend was so busy!! I'm thanking my lucky stars that today has nothing major on the the schedule because I'm not sure if I could handle it! Today's post is pretty long, so bear with me, we did quite a bit!!

Friday afternoon my parents and I took the kids to our County Fair. It's seriously small {only 7 rides and 5 game booths} but the main reason we went was so Tay could go on the pony ride. We took her last year, and she rode a Flea-bitten grey named Ladybug. To all of our surprise, when we approached the walk-about, Tay squealed with delight "there's Ladybug!!" We couldn't believe that she not only remembered the pony's name, but that she recognized the pony as well!! To say the least, she was thrilled.
happy to be with Ladybug again
wishing Prince were a cow

Vin on the other hand, was so disappointed. He cried the whole time because he wanted to ride a cow, not a horse!! He soon forgot his sorrows, though, with the help of the cars he rode next. He rode in the Jeep {total man} and Tay rode the pink convertible Bug {total girl}.

After the cars, the kids rode the Ferris Wheel with my parents, Tay with Mia and Vin with Paka.
Tay and Mia
Vin and Paka

From there, Tay really wanted to go on the Shuttle ride. It's a large boat swinging like a pendulum. I went on that with her. The only way I can communicate how Tay handled it is by photo...
happy as we wait for it to start

hard to see her smile, but still happy as we rock
starting to feel a little nervous
very nervous now, grip much tighter
ready to be done, begging for it to stop

Vin rode the cars again as Tay did the Fun House

then we headed over to see the arts and crafts, and on to the animals!!

I didn't get any photos of the kids with the animals because it was super-crowded, but here's some of what we saw:

chicken hatching in an incubator
game birds
quail eggs hatching in another incubator
the largest chicken any of us had ever seen
a rabbit that weighed 16 pounds
a 1,600 pound cow named Bubbles up close and personal {This made Vin very happy}

Overall it was a very busy day with no naps, and on Saturday Dom and I took the kids back to ride the ponies again, and to see all the animals again too. We also let the kids pay 1 dollar to shoot off 10 large rubber bands from a gun made of a wooden dowel and a block of wood shaped like the butt of a shot gun. Tay made three or four shots {go baby!!} but Vin, Vin made 9 out of 10 shots!! BY HIMSELF!! He had people crowded around the booth cheering him on. Dom would load the rubber band, but Vin pointed to a target, took aim, and shot all on his own. I think we have a natural marksman!! Again, no naps on Saturday either.

Yesterday was my moms birthday, so we went out to lunch at T's, an amazing Louisianan BBQ place that has BBQ pulled pork that melts in your mouth....soooo good. By the time we got home yesterday afternoon, Vin was a wreck. He ended up falling asleep in my arms snuggling on my bed at 6 pm!

As for my 30 Day Shred workouts, they after needing to take two days off because I couldn't hardly move {I know, morbidly embarrassing} I have picked it back up, and it is now sooo much easier to get through it. I think I'll stick with level one for another week then attempt a dumbed down level two. We'll see. I've decided not to weight in or measure again until next week, I figure there should be more of a change then.

How was your weekend? What did you all do? What's your favorite thing to do at a County Fair??

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