Friday, August 13, 2010

Power Point Poet

We're thinking about making the big move to our own domain as well as changing some things around the blog, including the name of the blog. I've asked for suggestions and opinions, for names, so far we have the following:

Mac's Memoirs
Momentarily Climactic: Noteworthy mom.thoughts
UgunDUZI: Notes of Doscovery
Anakalupse: A mom's path to discovery 

I'm a sucker for using words of another language. Discovery in Swahili is Ugunduzi and in Greek is Anakalupse. My dad and I are sort of Greek Geeks, I took Greek and Latin for my foreign language in grade school, and I looooove Swahili. I bought several teach yourself Swahili books a while back.

Anyways, so those are the name options for right now. I'm seriously leaning towards "Momentarily Climactic", I came up with this as a possible header last night
I like how "mom" and "mac" are accentuated.

I named this blog "The McCullough Family Files" because I had intended for my husband to post entries as well, but that clearly never happened. haha. We were talking about it last night and he mentioned that he really isn't a writer kind of guy. I agreed. "Your more of a Power point/poet".....after the initial insult of me agreeing that he is no writer {though he can't be much worse than I am}, he chuckled and said that if he ever started a blog, he would title it "The Power Point Poet"....I rather like it, quite honestly.
I also started this blog with the intent to only keep friends and family up to date with us, but it has mutated into something more, so I think a new title is in order.

If you have any suggestions or opinions, feel free to let me know, I'm open to all. Until we make a final decision, I'm continuing to contact different companies about sending samples of their products for me to review here and still looking into private domains. I'm excited about the potential with my little bliggity blog and I hope you are too!!

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