Thursday, August 12, 2010

Product Review

This is the first review. As a reminder, I want to state that the products I will be reviewing are things that I use on a regular basis, not strictly baby or child items.

Today's item is Maybelline LASH Stiletto mascara. I use this mascara about once or twice a week {when I feel like wearing make-up}and I absolutely love it.

I don't have the longest lashes a woman is known to have, and I have brown eyes {which, in my opinion, means it's rough to flatter your eyes without wearing colored eye shadow, which I don't care for}. I bought the LASH Stiletto mascara primarily out of curiosity.

When I got home I hurried to the bathroom to try it out. Staying true to it's promise, it made my lashes look significantly longer and gave them a brilliant black shine. I also use an eye liner pencil to add a little more accent. Every once in a while I'll need to use a Q-Tip to brush through my lower lashes in order to separate them a little bit, but other than that, the mascara is ideal. No clumping, great separation on the lashes, length to die for and an amazing patent shine, plus it does so much I don't have to wear any eye shadow if I don't want to.

I would recommend this mascara to anyone and everyone who wears eye make-up. You can also get LASH stiletto Ultimate Length washable and LASH Stiletto Voluptuous.

I may not look like Drew Barrymore or those ladies wearing Stiletto heals and fishnet leggings like the commercials, but I got sexy eyes now!!

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