Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ah-mazing Taco Salad!!

Okay, even if you hate salad {like I do}, you are gonna LOVE this salad. It's healthy and it's easy to make, and if you store it right, you can enjoy it for days.


1 head of lettuce
1 pack of McCormmick's original taco seasoning, reduced sodium
3 to 5 pounds of ground beef
1 bunch of cilantro
chunky or suprema salsa
sour cream
grated cheese
1 to 2 cans of black beans
taco chips. {we use either restaurant-style tortilla chips or Frito Lays}

Throw the meat into a skillet and brown. While that's going, chop the head of lettuce. I cut it in half, then slice it, then chop it. {I like my lettuce in smaller pieces} Put the lettuce into a large bowl, then chop the cilantro as small as possible, throw that in the bowl and toss in the black beans. 

Drain the fat from your meat, mix in the taco seasoning with the amount of water indicated on the seasoning packet. {the instructions say 1 packet per 1 pound of beef, but we're using more beef. We just want a little flavor to the meat} Put the meat into a separate container.

Mix equal parts sour cream and salsa into a storage container. 

Dump the chips into a large zipper bag and crush into small pieces, but not crumbs. 

Now add all the components, including the cheese, into your personal bowl!!

To store, put the lettuce mix into a tupperware with a paper towel over it and store upside down in the fridge. 

This is so good, people, I'm telling you. Even my kids have two servings of it, and the best part, it's MSG free!!!! 

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