Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's not good enough to know all the right answers

My mom and I are starting a little Bible Study every Tuesday morning. It's just the two of us and one other friend from up the road. My mom is a truly amazing teacher and a wonderful role model. She has tons of knowledge and I could sit and listen to her talk all day long. The rhythm and tone of her words, even the language she uses is so peaceful and relaxing.


Yesterday was our first morning. We were discussing some verses in Colossians, about what the Glory of God is, and how to know the Will of God as best we can.

Throughout the discussion, my mom would pose questions, and I knew all the answers. I was actually surprised with myself. I've always felt inadequate with my Bible knowledge and that insecurity has drifted over into other areas of my faith.

Afterwards, my mom made a statement that really hit home to me and I re-realized that having all the right answers means nothing if I don't apply that knowledge to my life every day.

I have been through a number of rough {understatement} times, and as a result, I find it difficult to be joyful. This, in turn, means that most things feel like an obligation. My family is the one main exception to that.

Right now my goal is to rediscover the joy and love and excitement and happiness of being in The Word everyday. I need encouragement. My parents are my main supporters, I know they will encourage me every day, I just pray that one day God allows me to be the sort of role model to others as they are to me.

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