Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24-year-old lady-grandpa

I am addicted to Wint O Green lifesavers. I always have a handful with me. My purse has them, the diaper bag has them, my mid-weight jacket has them, my kitchen has them, my  night stand has them. If I am somewhere I need to put my bag down, I grab a few and shove them into my pants pocket. I can not live with them. I know the sugar factor is no bueno, but the good thing is this: I can't eat one without needing to drink at LEAST one full glass of water, so they are helping to keep me hydrated. (An ongoing issue with me, especially during pregnancy.)

However. My son is incredibly observant, and has noticed that I keep pulling these tasty treats out of my pockets, so now, every time he gets hurt or any time he simply feels like it, he reaches into my pocket for nana.  I remind myself of the stories I've heard from people about their Grandfathers, and how every time they would see their Pappy, Papa, Grandpa, they would reach into their pocket to find a treaty of some sort.

I am the 24-year-old lady-grandpa. I even smell minty all the time!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! Do I really want to live with you???? 'Cause, what does that make me? The day you come upstairs smelling like Bengay is the day I start looking for a retirement home to put you into!

    Truly, one old-lady-grandMA in the house is enough, don't you think :)