Wednesday, March 31, 2010

stress-ball belly

Oz is now large enough that we can tell distinct body parts like knees, feet, hands, bum, elbows. He's also large enough that when he moves, you can see it from across the room. There are times when he'll shift positions and the belly gets rather distorted. It sort of reminds me of those stress balls that are really hard to squeeze, but once you do, a little balloon forms in the gap of your fingers.  Obviously not quite as exaggerated as that, but along the same lines.

Other times he'll be doing something that we can only imagine falls in line with kickboxing, and there are repeated jerks and shutters, again, visible from across the room. It can make one sit in awe that he doesn't break his own bag of waters....with all that violence in there it would only make sense for the membrane to rupture. The tool doctors use to break it in the hospital looks like a longer version of the sticks corndogs are on, so how does this active little baby not do any harm when he's flailing around doing lord-knows-what in there??

For now we just sit and watch (and I grunt, some of his antics are rather painful and uncomfortable) the show. I wonder if babies get frustrated when they get to just a few weeks from their due date, when they are so big there isn't enough room for the gymnastics to take place??

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