Friday, March 26, 2010

Size Matters

Well, for the last week or two people have been commenting on my size. They ask when I'm due, and when I tell them I still have two more months, they seem shocked, one women even responded with "you poor dear".  So I looked up my belly photos from when I was pregnant with Vin and this is the comparison.
The 29-week photo is from this pregnancy one week ago, and the other is the 34-week photo from Vin.

The good news from these two photos is that if you look carefully, the old photo shows my belly pointing slightly downward, whereas last weeks photo shows my belly still fairly high, pointing straight out. This is a sign that labor is not too close by. The old photo was taken after we had already been to the hospital to stop preterm labor and just days before Vin was born. So THAT'S encouraging, what's downright depressing is that the sizes are identical....and I still have at LEAST 9 more weeks, with Oz projected to gain a minimum of 1/2 pound per week. I thought I was a "Barn with legs" now.......

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