Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh the Joys

At 29 weeks pregnant with my third child, I am having my very first experience with sciatica nerve effects.  More and more frequently dear little Owen (who is not so little anymore) will position himself in such a way that causes both my buttocks and both my upper legs to go completely numb.

This does not pose such a problem if I am at home or in the car, but standing in line at the store is another story. Have you ever tried to walk like a normal earth-dwelling human while unable to feel anything between your bellybutton and your knees?? It's near impossible, I'm telling you.

As if my "Preggo-Waddle" isn't bad enough, let's just add an awkward dragging/pulling motion to it. Actually, while we're at it, let's have a few muffled squeals from sharp jabs to the ribs or kidneys too, shall we? Why hold back?

At least my mom is compassionate. There is is cure to that for you, she said. Birth. Moms sure do have a way with words, don't they??

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