Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Speaking English? No Thanks

Everyone who has met my son knows that he does not speak English. He has his very own very intricate language and I am the only one who can fully translate. He can say certain things, like momma, dadda, paka, donut, banana, baseball, ball, soccer ball, wawa, no, night-night, bye-bye, hi, socks and shoes. That's it though. The rest of his vocabulary is entirely original. There are words that we believe he can say, but chooses not to, like mia (my mom) and Tay Tay.

So. My dad has this technique to get him to say things. Vin loves food. Seriously. A lot. So whenever my dad has food, Vin is right by his side asking for bites, and in order to get a bite, he has to say either FOOD rather than GOCK, or MIA rather than LALA MOMMA. Today at breakfast my dad had some ham, and as per usual, in order to get a bite, Vin was instructed to say a few words. first came FOOD, which comes out FOO....close enough. He got a bite. Next was If Vin doesn't want to say something, he just says no and waits for another word. Ok, so MIA wasn't happening, how about BUTTER, over-annunciating the T's. No. MEAT. That was GOCK, so no bite. HAM. As loud as he good, with the biggest smile on his face, he shouted HAM!!!! I haven't seen him so proud of himself since I found him with three brand new rolls of toilet paper shoved into the toilet.

So his new word is ham. He's very excited about it.

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