Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preggy Facts

-How far along? 30 weeks
-How big is baby? about 3 pounds
-Weight gain/loss? I'm about 7 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight
-Maternity clothes? A must. Although I can still wear a few pairs of my non-maternity jeans with the front folded over.
-Stretchies? All old ones from the first two, although they are starting to get darker...grrrrr
-Sleep? Yes please!!! I'm getting less and less
-Best moment this week? When Tay and Vin felt him moving around
-Movement? The kid never sleeps, I swear!!
-Food cravings? Food in general.
-Gender? Boy
-Labor signs? lots and lots of Braxton Hicks, some dilation, but nothing major yet.
-Belly button in or out? it's perfectly flat.
-What I miss? being able to go more than 10 minutes without peeing, being able to laugh without peeing, being able to tie my own shoes, caffeine.
-What I am looking forward to? My baby shower, and meeting my little man!!
-Weekly wisdom? Enjoy the little things while they last. Like being able to lift your leg to put a shoe on, or being able to pick up a penny off the fact, being able to reach the floor at all.
-Milestones? We made it to the 10-week count down.....

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