Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cold Souls

We watched Cold Souls last night, a film with Paul Giamati playing Paul Giamati.

The plot is that he gets his soul extracted in order to better embrace a character he needs to play. He rents the soul of another person and meanwhile someone steals his soul and takes it to Russia.  Throughout the film Paul learns what an effect not having a soul has on life, and eventually decides that he wants his soul back, even with the dark and twisty parts.

It got me thinking about how the world would be if such a thing as soul extraction were possible. One of the biggest things noted in the film was that while Paul was soulless, he was unable to connect to anybody. He couldn't give heartfelt advice to a dear friend, couldn't make love to his wife, didn't care about the feelings behind his poet role on stage. What a cheap way out of dealing with life.

It really made us start thinking though, and we love Paul Giamati, so if you have the chance, we recommend adding it to your Netflix Queue or renting it.

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