Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello World

We're starting this blog to share with you the things that we are passionate about: Everything from our family to community projects to food recipes to money-savers.

We're not entirely convinced that anyone will actually READ our blog, but who knows, maybe some sick-minded soul out there will find it amusing or useful...God willing maybe even both.

Here's a little bit about us to start off.

We are Dominick and Rebecca McCullough. We met in Fall of 2003 at Moorpark College in Southern California and had been dating for a year when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Theren Rayne. We married in April of 2005 and Theren was born the following June. Rebecca worked as a waitress for a while but decided her place was at home. In Spring of 2007 we found out that we were pregnant again with our Son, Vincent Dominick. He was born in November 2007, a whole 5 weeks premature but strong as an ox. In January of 2009 Dominick was offered an amazing job opportunity that ended up falling through, and we found ourselves making the decision to Move to Southwest Colorado, where Rebecca's parents live. We currently share a roomy 5 bedroom home with them right on a lake in a forest. Dominick is working sales for a local magazine, Inside Outside Magazine, and travels the Four Corners regularly, which he loves. Rebecca has completed her degree in Medical Transcription and stays at home with the kids. Theren (now nearly 5 years old) has begun Preschool, and Vin (2 years old) enjoys playing with his dinosaurs and cars and begs to clean snow or play in the dirt. The biggest news we have is that Rebecca is expecting our 2nd son, Owen Zachariah, in June!!

God has continued to bless us in good times and in hard times, and we look forward to discovering Him as our future unfolds.

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