Wednesday, June 30, 2010

horay for low blood sugar!!....wait, what?

I think I can now say with utmost confidence that I am successfully a breastfeeding mommy. This is mucho gusto for so many reasons, and it's bringing me such joy in others.

I explain.

For some odd, unexplained reason, nursing is causing my body to have troubles regulating my blood sugar. Every day I get these massive headaches and turn into Cruella DeVil. My cure?? Eating bites of cake icing throughout my day. I'm telling you what, no more headaches, no more children crying "mommy is mean!" plus I get to nosh on icing!!!

Another plus: Ozzie Bear gets really colicky at night {this is not the plus, in case you're thinking I'm a cruel, evil mommy} what is a way to ease this problem?? Drink a beer a couple of hours before the last night feeding. Works like a charm, and mom gets to relax a bit in the evening!! The only bummer about this is that the alcohol can cause a reduction in milk production (though the hops help increase's that for contradictory} so I primarily have to drink NA pretty much tastes like pee in a bottle. Everyone once in a while I'll indulge in the Fat Tire, but other wise I'm stuck with Busch me NOT be enthusiastic about that.....but hay, I'll take the occasional Fat Tire with no complaints!!


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