Wednesday, June 16, 2010

breastfeeding 'ventures

Well, it's been 12 days since Oz was born and I think I can say with confidence that I am successfully breastfeeding. We take him in for his 2-week check-up on Friday, and I'll learn then if he is gaining sufficient weight. {my daughter had to be supplemented with formula for a week before I lost my supply} So I'm hoping that doesn't happen again. I'm actually really starting to get a hang of this thing, though. I can tell when it's time to feed him by how my tata's feel, but I'm still trying to figure out the art of feeding from under a blanket, for when we're in a public place. Next pay day we're going to be ordering my electric pump 'cuz right now I only have a hand pump. I've started a storage of milk in the freezer, which I'm excited about, and I'm trying like Abe to stay appropriately hydrated and stress-free. {the two things that my doctor says make a huge difference in upkeeping a decent supply}

I'm so very proud of myself for doing this! Not just because it's cheaper and saving our family an awful lot of money, but because I was not able to breastfeed my first two. I feel that it's sort of a right of passage for motherhood, to be able to breastfeed for at least 6 months.

I'm also starting to discover the pro's and con's of BFing. One very HUGE pro is the fact that now, only 12 days post pardum, I fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes for the most part. One of the biggest con's is that no one can help feed. My poor husband feels a little bit useless this time around, not being able to partake in the feeding and bonding. I tell him he can make up for by changing poopy diapers. {which he does voluntarily.} Although it does feel like all I do is feed this baby. It takes about half of an hour for him to have both sides, including burping in between, then the diaper change and some kisses, and by the time it's all done if feels like I only have an hour before I do it all over again....but really I have closer to two. It certainly makes it more challenging when it take 40 minutes just to drive into town for groceries or what-not. But like I said, we're figuring it out. We're gonna be pro's in no time, just you wait and see!!

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