Wednesday, June 9, 2010

new life

I'm finally starting to adjust to my new day-to-day life. Instead of coping with Preschool, potty training, taunting contractions, herniated bellybuttons and heartburn, I now spend my days prepping for Kindergarten and dealing with poopy diapers, pacifiers, burp rags, sore boobs, aching back, kissing 2-year-olds and clocks. I have to tell you, I love every second of it. Oz is a wonderful baby. He's very laid back and spends most of his day lounging in his "rocky" (a rocking vibrating chair) out on the deck getting sunshine and fresh air.

The kids are handling the adjustments really well, too. Tay has a hard time leaving him be while he's sleeping, but she tells me when he's fussing or if he's awake from his naps. Vin would sit in front of Oz and kiss him all day long if we let him. He always wants to give hugs or kisses, and he loves to rub Oz's head and comment about how soft he is.

I'm also really really really excited about how well breastfeeding is going. I was unable to breastfeed my other two, but this time around I was determined to do it and by golly, I'm doing it!! He eats every 2 to 3 hours during the day and at night he's only been getting up once to eat. Last night was amazing, his last feeding was at 9 pm, and he didn't wake up again until 3 am. Then this morning I had to wake him up at 6 to start our daily schedule. I discovered that if I wrap him up in a plush blanket for s "pseudo-swaddle", he sleeps much much better at night. I think it's because that keeps him nice and snuggly warm. We'll try it again tonight and see if we get similar results.

There certainly is much that has changes since Oz came home, but we're all handling it and adjusting as we need to. Overall I really have absolutely nothing to complain about the whole thing. I mean sure, there are certain things that are less-than appealing like the cramps and the inflamed back from my epidural, but I'll take the discomfort from those two things any day for the joy and beauty of newly enlarged family.

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