Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Day, B-Day, Old Man

Today is more than Father's Day in our house hold. Today is also my beloved daughter's 5th birthday. Five years ago today I was laying in my hospital bed, looking at that tiny baby in total disbelief that she came from me. God blessed us in such a sudden, unexpected way with Theren. I had a very hard time after her delivery, and though my recovery took nearly two months, it allowed me to pretty much do nothing but lay in bed and hold her, look at her, touch her face and kiss her. Our relationship has changed as she has gotten older {and more independent, thinking she's the boss} but she will forever be my baby girl. I started this thing with her a few years ago, when she was learning how to say her name. I say "hey, who's my girl?" and she says "Theren". It's not much but when things are hard and we're fighting, I'll take a minute to say that, and I can see her face lighten. I hope one day she'll understand exactly how much she means to me. She saved me from unknown mistakes in my young adult-hood and for that she is all the more amazing.

Now on to Daddy's Day. I have two men to celebrate today. My dad. The most patient, loving, generous and humble man I know. For all the shitake I pulled on that man, he returned it all with nothing but love. He taught me how to build model airplanes, how movies work, how to change a tire, and more importantly, how to negotiate. He spoiled the crap outta me and I love him so much for it all. He's sacrificed more than I know to make sure I had everything I needed and most of what I wanted. I'm lucky that my kids get to grow up in his house, just as I did. I hope they learn even more from him than I did.
As for Dominick, I know no other man who has grown more than him. Being a father has made him a better man, and I see it every day. I'm blessed that he chose to stick around when we got pregnant with Tay, and I'm even more grateful that he works so hard to make sure that we are never in want or need of anything. He loves his kids more than life itself. He would give anything for any one of them. It breaks his heart having to work every day because he would rather stay home and play with them. I love watching them all wrestle together, hearing their laughter as Dom tickles them.

On a far more random note, we both commented the other day on how odd it is that our 14-day-old baby looks like an 80-year-old man. I thought I'd share this photo of him with you all. It cracks me up....old man.

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