Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can I Please Start Over?

This morning has been a rough one. I know we all have those days when we wake up and everything seems to be more complicated than it should be, and we just want to crawl back into bed for an hour or so and then start all over anew.

Today is that day for me.

First off, despite what my brain has been telling me since checking the clock at 4:30 this morning, it is Tuesday, not Monday. Tuesday. TUESDAY. IT IS TUESDAY!!! 

Now, because my brain has been telling me Monday, I slept in too late and missed Bible Study with my mom. Don't get me wrong, I've only gone once, and that was the week after Tay got out from school so I was used to waking up earlier and getting my day going, but since Summer has officially arrived here, it seems all of us are on a lazy sleep mode. Even little Vin has had a few days of sleeping until 8:30!! So unless I program my brain the night before, I won't wake up for anything other than a crying child.

Which brings me to the next item of today's messed-up list.

When Vin gets up before I'm ready to be up, I turn on one of his two favorite movies. Today was CARS. He gets to watch the movie while I rest in bed for a while longer, we both win. Well, today went fine until I felt breath on my face, and rolled over to find Vin hovering over me, whispering : pooh pooh, mommy. Ok, no problem. Time to get up. Not that easy.  He had poohed out his diaper and had tried to wipe it up...with his fingers.  Gross.  Nasty.  So wrong.  So I did my very best attempt of jumping up out of bed at 39 weeks pregnant and ran to get him cleaned up. He's been having some not-so-pleasant diapers for the last three days and now is raw in all places that no boy ever wants to be raw. So the cleaning included lots of screaming in pain. I felt bad for the poor guy, but my recently awakened ears felt rather attacked.

Getting Tay up out of bed was the first smooth thing that happened. We grabbed the milk and headed upstairs (to where the main kitchen is) for some cereal. Breakfast went fairly well, Vin kept trying to convince me that my food was better and therefore should be consumed by him rather than me, but this happens at nearly every meal. After we ate I washed the dishes then started unloading our dishwasher. I wanted to wait until later, but I thought it would be nice for my mom to come home and see that I had taken care of it, sort of a "I'm so sorry I slept through Bible Study" gesture. As I unloaded the breakable objects, Vin collected the plastic things and put the silverware away....hes quite the helper. He was reaching to grab a glass cup when I stopped him, knocking over one of Dominick beloved pint glasses and breaking it. When i say "beloved pint glasses" you may have laughed, but you shouldn't have. People don't really understand exactly how much he loves those glasses. He collects them when he's on the road for work. He has several, and they are perfect for him to drink his tea in, or pour a glass of soda into with some ice. They are very special. Only recently have I been able to use one without hearing grief for it. It's an honor.

So I broke one. The one from Flagstaff Brew Company in Arizona. I felt horrible. I had to call right away and confess so that he would be prepared. Naturally he was fine with it, and actually sounded confused as to why I was so upset, but still, I felt better having told him as soon as it happened.

Then we gathered up our "downstairs stuff" and toted it down. Tay carried the stack of tupperware, and Vin carried the cups...I carried the milk and the one remaining pint glass I managed NOT to break. Vin put the cups on the table when we got down, and Tay decided to build a tower. Of course the tupper ware bowls had to go on the bottom for sturdiness, but it wasn't sturdy, and as she walked away the whole thing came tumbling down.

This may not seem like a horrible thing, but let me tell you. When you are as ginormous as I am, and lack sleep, and are recovering from a nasty eye infection, and are fighting of a lung infection, and are Generally Irritable Due to Life, such a small things feels like the end of the world.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to shout and kick my feet.


I'm over it now, though.

Can I please hit the RESTART button? Can I claim that this was a practice round, that I was just warming up for the real thing?? Please?


Fine.....be that way.

I'll just put on my big-girl panties and deal with it like an adult. >sigh< 

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