Monday, October 25, 2010

My ideal plans for California...

Everything Thanksgiving we trek out to California to spend the Holiday with my sister. She lives about 5 miles off the beach in beautiful Camarillo. We started a tradition last year of taking the kids to the beach Thanksgiving morning and I have every intention of continuing on with that tradition this year. Let me explain how this trip will go from start to finish. {in my head, that is}

We'll get all packed up on Thursday, take Tay to school on Friday, come back home and get everything put into the car, movies ready, ice chests packed and put into the car, then pick Tay up after lunch and head out. My mom will drive with me, and my dad will meet us out there on Monday {he's very important and needs to teach at the Church on Sunday, he'll be leaving after service}.

So we pick up Tay and we stop in Flagstaff for the night. We sleep, we wake up, we eat, we hit the road. We stop for eating and for diaper changes, and possibly just to let Ozzie hang out OUT of his carseat. We get into L.A. and stop at our old house to reminisce. We get to my sisters house and hang out, happy happy joy joy. Then we go to church with my sister Sunday morning, spend the rest of the day chillaxing and having fun. Monday I go to visit some friends, or I take the kids to the Science Museum {haven't decided yet} Tuesday we go to the mall to do some shopping as well as have a chaperoned visit with my MIL {kill two birds with one stone on that one}, then do our Holiday grocery shopping. Wednesday we set up for Thursday, go out to dinner at The Greek {one of my favorite places to eat, located in the Ventura Harbor} followed by a walk on the beach. Thursday we take previously mentioned traditional trip to the beach, then help prep for dinner. Eat. Laugh. Love. Sleep. Friday we all drive to Santa Barbara for a visit to the zoo. Saturday we start the trek back to Colorado, Sunday we arrive in Colorado and return to normal life!!

Sounds amazing, right?!

Now....if we can just make it happen!!

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