Monday, October 4, 2010

Homemade ketchup & laundry detergent

This morning started off a bit rough for me. When I went shopping on Friday I picked up some more laundry detergent, and I was so focused on finding one for an "HE" machine that I forgot to fin one that was fragrance free.....>sigh<

My mom is allergic to chemical fragrances so when we moved here, I had to give up my fresh smelling laundry. {something that I absolutely love}

I didn't realize I had brought home the wrong detergent until after I poured it into the machine, so Ozzie's diapers smell amazing, but my mom's throat was not feeling so amazing. This morning she told me that she was going to replace the new stuff for some fragrance free stuff.

This may seem like a simple matter, no big deal, but for some reason unknown to me, my heart felt broken. I miss that smell of fresh clothes when you pull them out of the drawer and all of a sudden I started thinking about all of the other things I miss.

Like going to the museums or zoos on the weekends, my friends from our home church in California, walking Hollywood Blvd., walking to Fudruckers or Marshalls and watching the kids play in the water fountain. I miss That Hat and In N Out, and I miss knowing that I had a job if I ever wanted to go back to work.

It seems so silly, but like I said, it just got me going.

So I went outside and helped unload some more fire wood and when that was done I cleaned my house and made it look amazing. I felt a little better, but still sorta bummed.

So I made ketchup!

Being allergic to salt, ketchup is something that I really can't indulge in very often, even though I looooove it, so I decided to make my own, that way I could control how much salt was used.

It turned out really good. Not as good as I was hoping because I misread a little and put in a tiny bit too much honey as a sweetener, but it'll be better next time, for sure.

I'm feeling even better now. Still a little bummed, but at least I'm not crying over the lack of fresh smelling I don't have to feel like a total fool.

It's an improvement!

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