Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm a crime solver!!

Case Detective: Mom. Crime Investigated: Massive diaper rash on 3-month old {today} baby boy.

For the past two weeks, sweet Ozzie Bear has had a wretched rash. I'm talking about the kind where the skin just sloughs off and the exposed raw skin gets stuck to the diapers. We have tried everything, liquid baby powder, ointment, prescription ointment, you name it we tried it. No success.

Finally I decided to buy a couple of cloth diapers to see how they would affect this issue. I chose to go with gDiapers. I have heard awe-mazing things about them and I loved the idea of flushable inserts. I looked up store locations and wuttaya know!! They are sold at a store in our little town!!

My mom and I stopped by yesterday and even though they don't sell the cloth inserts, we bought a pack of two gPants and some of the flushable inserts. I had regular cloth diapers at home that I could use until our shipment of gCloths came in.

Wunna know how they worked??

After just four hours of wearing it, Oz's rash practically disappeared. No joke, no exaggeration.  No oozy skin patches, no redness. The raw patches are starting to dry up and he can have a diaper change without screaming.

I'm in love. I can't wait for our box of more supplies to come on Wednesday and I am so happy that my baby once again has a happy bum!!

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