Friday, July 16, 2010

The Potty Training Drama

My son is currently sitting on his training toilet, crying because he has fully realized that he does not get to wear a diaper today.


He has an entire drawer full of undies with cars and racing flags and flames on them. {if you knew my boy, you'd understand what a big deal that is} He doesn't want them!!

He would rather be in a diaper that is {in reality} too small for him, giving him red, itchy marks on the inside of his thighs and rashes.

I don't get it.

Right now The rugs are rolled up and set aside, the coffee table is pushed up against the fire place, the training toilet is on the floor, and only a few toys are scattered around the front room. Gates are up and doors are closed to all rooms except the bathroom, creating boundaries keeping him from wandering all around the house. I have rags and windex and floor cleaner at the ready.

I'm putting in a huge effort on this, and all he can do is cry about not wearing a DIAPER!!

This child doesn't understand what I do for him.....

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